Romanza promotes and produces cultural events that showcase St. Augustine’s vibrant living culture, that enhance the quality of life for residents, and that create a positive lasting impression of the Nation’s Most Romantic City for visitors.

St. Augustine’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade
St. Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival
St. Augustine’s Romanza Festivale of the Arts

Romanza Festivale is a collaborative production by dozens of independent cultural organizations and businesses in St. Augustine, FL. With over 100 high-quality concerts, plays, tours and more, spread over 10 days, with mostly small audiences, St. Augustine’s Romanza Festivale of the Arts is the “Un-festival” avoiding huge crouds all at once in a single space.

Romanza draws attention to St. Augustine’s burgeoning arts, culture and heritage community through an unprecedented program and major marketing campaign.

Romanza’s “St. Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival” in March is centered in the City’s large “events field” with authentic music, cultural offerings, highland games and vendors.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the only one in Northeast Florida.

Romanza Monthly Gathering Mixers

Presented by Romanza at Downtown St. Augustine

Jun 11, 2019

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