Our mission is to inspire the voice and creative mind within every student in Napa County.



We believe the arts engage and connect students with each other, their school, and their community and are integral to teaching and learning 21st century skills. Through partnering with schools and the community, we will ensure equitable access to a culturally-relevant arts education.

We envision:

STUDENTS who have access to sequentially learned and applied arts curriculum including exposure and enrichment opportunities and integration within all curriculums allowing expression with confidence and engagement in the world creatively.

TEACHERS who create a safe environment where critical thinking and curiosity are celebrated.

SCHOOLS that build bridges to families and communities.

DISTRICTS that increase access to holistic educational opportunities and create curricular pathways to careers and college.

ARTISTS that provide mentorship through passionate and expert practice

ARTS ORGANIZATIONS that provide and support relevant, engaging and significant educational opportunities for students of all ages.

COMMUNITIES that celebrate the arts and support sustainable arts education for their children recognizing the importance of the arts to the whole person and a healthy community.



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